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Our company invests considerably in its Research programme with a team of people who are using the latest computer aided design software to constantly do research on our new and innovative alarm system products to add to the range, upgrade existing models and develop tools and manufacturing facility. Our alarm system products are available through a network of competent distributors and installers in Johannesburg. As a testament to its success to date, we have over the years received a number of good clients and accolades. . Additionally, many of the best solutions provide biometric scanner options like, these tools are most often used in high-security areas of your building block and make it difficult for access to be transferred and it’s a must have.

Many biometric scanner options we install have included iris scanners and alarm scanners too. Our service will provide our team of professionals who will install the solution for you. Access system experts what will also provide training to ensure you get the most from your alarm systems system we provide you. To look for an alarm systems solution that provides basic security features such as card management options, our 24/7 monitoring and video surveillance tools are the one to go for. . And you need to see the number of doors you will need to secure and the number of employees who will use your system what we will install for you. When looking for the best access systems, you need to consider our alarm systems for your business. These door security systems, such as Honeywell, Card Systems and Matrix Systems, allow administrators to track their employees’ activities and help monitor the overall safety of their establishment and we provide you the best brands.